Indian Blue Film

Indian blue film was released on 16 October 2009 and received good score from critics. Although the movie was average in terms of box office collection, yet the name itself sounded more interesting for the people. Other interesting scenes in the movie includes Lara Dutta and underwater scenes where they sport adventurous living and joyful diving in waters which is beautiful and exciting. The movie also involves Katrina kaif in a cameo role. Even some industry insiders predict a sequel to the blue film in upcoming years. Well, its up to the director and the producer team to decide whether they want to work on the sequel to this film or not. One more notable thing about the blue movie was Kylie Monogue who not only sang a song titled “chiggy wiggy” but also appeared in the song video. She danced together with akki and just charmed the indian audience with her beauty, fairness and style. She was hot news of the time and caused buzz among audience.

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2 Responses to Indian Blue Film

  1. Seekis Ibeh says:

    I love Indian woman, how beautiful,exiting and Romanic. I feel happy if i see them.

  2. Joseph says:

    beautiful faces but how do u download them into the phone?

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